Books 2023

Witold Gombrowicz Pornografie LIT **
John Sellars Aristotle *** SB
Arthus Conan Doyle A Study in Scarlet CRIMEFIC ****
George Saunders A Swim in a Pond in the Rain SB/LIT *****
David Seed Science Fiction: A Very Short Introduction ***
Alex Grecian The Yard (The Guardian’s „review“ is more a puff piece than a critique – an astonishing example of bad writing) CRIMEFIC
Tobias Wolff Bullet in the Brain LIT ****
Fernanda Melchor Paradais LIT ***
Volodymyr Vynnyčenko Solar Machine SF

Currently reading/listening

Gerry Canavan, Eric Carl Link The Cambridge History of Science Fiction
Arif Ahmed Wittgenstein’s ‚Philosophical Investigations‘: A Critical Guide
Serhii Plokhy The Russo-Ukrainian War (audio) SB
Arthus Conan Doyle The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection: All Books and Short Story Collections CRIMEFIC
John Sellars Lessons in Soicism SB
Brad Inwood Stoicism SB